Make Your Own Cloud

While Sydney and Symon were visiting Ms. Franctalini, she told them how they could make a cloud right in their own kitchen. They could hardly believe it!

“How cool would that be?” said Symon.

Sydney and Symon wrote Ms. Fractalini’s instructions in their Wonder Journals and tried the experiment the morning of the party. You can try it too!

All you need is an adult, water, ice cubes, a tea kettle, a measuring cup, a large glass jar, and a flashlight!

How Does it Work?

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  • A cloud forms in the sky when warm, humid air comes into contact with cool air, and that’s exactly what happens in this experiment. The hot water at the bottom of the jar heats the air above it. Some of the hot water evaporates into the air. The air at the top of the jar is cooled by the ice. When the warm air and the cool air meet, water vapor condenses into tiny water droplets and forms a cloud— right there in the jar!