Making Water Disappear

After Sydney and Symon saved their flowers, they kept on wondering about water. They had so many questions. They thought of all kinds of water activities, including some tricks.

“Becha I can make water disappear,” announced Symon.

“No way,” said Sydney. “That’s impossible."

“Oh yeah?” replied Symon. “I’ll prove it! But it will take a few days.”

Here’s how you can do the same trick as Symon. All you’ll need are two drinking glasses full of room temperature water, a lamp or a sunny window, some masking tape, and some patience!

How Does it Work?

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  • Over time, some of the water in the glass placed in the sunny window or under the lamp should seem to disappear. Heat causes the water to evaporate into the air. Because water vapor is an invisible gas, the water will seem to disappear.